January 2020

January 3, 4, and 5, North Harris County Acoustic Music Retreat, Huntsville, TX.  Steve doing workshop on Cajun Fiddle on Saturday, 3pm to 4pm.  Steve calling Square Dance 4pm to 5pm
Jan 9, Steve & Donna at EQ Heights Coffee and Social House, Heights Blvd., Houston 6:30-8:30
Jan 11, Laughing Lizards at a private party, Houston, TX
Jan 18, Steve calling the Contra Dance at Houston Area Traditional Dance Society.  West U. Community Center 7:30 to 10:30
for more info...  www.hatds.org
Jan 19, Pizza Inn Cajun Music & Dance, 1801 Mangum Rd., Houston, TX  starts at 6pm
January 25, Laughing Lizards private event, 7pm - 9pm, Houston, TX

December 2019

Dec. 12, Thursday, Steve & Donna at EQ Heights Coffee House, 1030 Heights Blvd., Houston "Heights", 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Dec. 15, Sunday, Cajun Music & Dance at Pizza Inn, 1801 Mangum Rd., Houston.  On the corner of West 18th St. and Mangum Rd., just outside the NW 610 Loop.  Starts at 6:00pm

Dec. 29, Sunday, Market Wines at Findlay Market, Cincinnati, OH, with Chico Converse, 1-4pm

November 2019

November 9, Saturday, Green Stage, 12 noon - 1pm, Pioneer Days, Jesse Jones Park, Humble, TX
November 23, Saturday, 6pm to 10pm, Houston Chapter Cajun French Music Association, Holiday Dance
November 24, Sunday, 1:30pm to 4:30pm, San Marcos Contra Dance, San Marcos, TX

October 2019

October 2, Wed, 7-9, Bean & Barley Coffee House, Madison Rd., O'Bryanville, Cincinnati, OH
October 4, Fri., 7:30pm - 9:30pm, call Square Dance, Oxford Community Arts Center, 10 South College Ave., Oxford, OH
October 5, Saturday, 3pm to 6pm, private event, Williamstown, KY
October 6, Sunday, 11am to 2pm, Brew River Creole Kitchen, 4632 Eastern Ave., Cincinnati, OH
October 13-18, Augusta October Old Time Week, Elkins & Davis College, Elkins, WV
October 21, Monday, 8pm-10pm, Cincinnati Contra Dance, Wyoming Arts Center, Wyoming, OH